Robert Proch

(b. 1986) is a painter, muralist and animator who lives and works in Poznan, Poland. He was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland


Exhibition Highlights:


  • 'Art Herning Artfair' Kirk Gallery, Herning Denmark

  • 'On the move' group show, Kirk Gallery, Aalborg Denmark

  • 'Urban Art Fair' Openspace Gallery, Paris France

  • 'Grand Opening' groupshow, Mirus Gallery, Denver USA

  • 'Shifted Tags' groupshow, Villa Streccius, Landau Germany

  • ‘Altered reality’ groupshow, Openspace Gallery, Paris France

  • ‘North Art Fair’ Kirk Gallery, Aalborg, Denmark

  • ‘New Order’ groupshow, Koneser, Warsaw

  • ‘The new vanguard II’ groupshow, Thinkspace Gallery, Lancaster USA

  • ‘From dusk till dawn’ duo show with Chazme718, Kirk Gallery, Aalborg Denmark

  • ‘Nexus II’ groupshow, Thinkspace Gallery, Glendale, USA


  • 'Boccioni +100' group show, National Gallery of Cosenza, Cosenza Italy

  • 'Urban Currents' group show, Kirk Gallery, Aalborg Denmark

  • 'It's framed' group show, Brain Damage Gallery, Lublin Poland

  • 'Abstrakt Forum' group show, Pawilon Letni, Kraków Poland

  • 'SAP' group show, Willibender Crew, Walldorf Germany

  • 'Scope Artfair Basel' Kirk Gallery, Basel, Switzerland

  • 'Urban Art Biennale' group show, Volklingen Germany

  • 'Polish Urban Art' group show, Trafo Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

  • 'Scroll Era' solo show, Openspace Gallery, Paris France

  • 'Affordable artfair' Willibender Crew, Hamburg, Germany

  • 'Scope Artfair Miami' Kirk Gallery, Miami USA


  • 'Crossing the line' solo show, Wunderkamern gallery, Rome Italy

  • Scope Basel Artfair, Kirk Gallery, Basel Switzerland

  • 'Ghosts of things to come' group show, Pretty Portal Gallery, Dusseldorf Germany


  • 'Brutalismopolis Chronicles' Duo show with Chazme718, KIRK Gallery, Aalborg Denmark

  • 'GO!' group show, OPENSPACE Gallery, Paris France

  • 'Art Copenhagen Artfair' KIRK Gallery, Copenhagen Denmark

  • '545 Days' solo show, Bastille Design Centre (OPENSPACE Gallery), Paris France


  • 'Where to go to?' Group exhibition at Gallery KIRK, Aalborg Denmark

  • Art Herning, Herning Denmark, with Gallery KIRK, Denmark

  • 'Les Enfants de Kupka’ group show, PUTEAUX CITY HALL gallery, Puteaux France

  • Rewire Graffuturism’ group show, Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh Scotland

  • 'Jednakowo różni' group show, THEOUTSIDERS Gallery, Newcastle United Kingdom

  • 'Land without footprints' solo show, LAZARIDES Gallery, London United Kingdom


  • Exhibition at Gallery KIRK, Aalborg, Denmark

  • Crunch’ group show, THEOUTSIDERS Gallery, Newcastle United Kingdom

  • Public Provocations V group show, COLAB Gallery, Weil am Rhein Germany

  • Scope Artfair, SCHWALBE&CHWALBE Gallery, Basel Switzerland

  • ’Urban Life’ group show, KIRK Gallery, Aalborg Denmark

  • ‘Turn the corner’ solo show, OPENSPACE Gallery, Paris France

  • ‘L’avernir Graffuturism’ group show, WHITE WALLS Gallery, San Francisco USA


  • Groupshow, KIRK Gallery, Aalborg Denamark

  • Between Dimensions, THEOUTSIDERS Gallery, Newcastle United Kingdom

  • Second Auction of Polish Streetart, Galeria Hotelu Harenda, Warsaw Poland

  • Beyond Walls, Antonio Prates Gallery, Lisbon Portugal

  • Stroke 06 Artfair, Praterinsel, Munich Germany

  • Escape the Golden Cage, Wienna Austria

  • Wild At Heart, Thinkspace gallery, Los Angeles USA

  • Unfrisierte Gedanken, Intoxicated Demons Galerie, Munich Germany

  • Time Lags, Warszawa Wschodnia by Mateusz Gessler, Warsaw Poland


  • First Polish Auction of Streetart, Rempex/Galeria Senatorska, Warsaw Poland

  • Stroke 04 Artfair, Munich Grmany

  • Come inside - Street art Doping Festival, SOHO Factory, Warsaw Poland

  • Graffiti vs. Street art, Brain Damage Gallery, Lublin, Poland

  • Kont Project, Tallin Estonia

  • Stroke 05 Artfair, Postbahnhoff, Berlin Germany

  • Urban Tactics, Design Terminal, Budapest Hungary


  • Artfairs Stroke 01, Stroke02, Stroke 03, Monachium, Berlin Germany

  • Neue Avangarde, Berlin, Munich Germany

  • Playground , Galeria ZAK, Gdańsk Poland

  • Jazz in free times, Openlab Gallery, Genova Italy


  • ABSOLUT goes ART, Munich

  • Kunst im Tresor, Munich by INTOXICATED DEMONS

  • The world of Urban Art, at Galleri JenZen, Aalborg

  • Soloshow" Galleri JenZen Aalborg

  • Euro Jam2, Lublin, Poland

  • STROKE.01 - Urban Art Fair, München, Tyskland. Official Keyvisual and video.

  • International Urban Contemporary Art show, Gallery JEN|ZEN, Aalborg

  • Soloudstilling, Gallery JenZen, Aalborg

  • Euro Jam2, Lublin, Poland

  • STROKE.01 - Urban Art Fair, München, Tyskland. Official Keyvisual and video.